Medicare Supplement market leader UnitedHealthcare (UHC) released 3rd quarter 2017 financials on October 17th, adding 55,000 Medicare Supplement lives in the 3rd quarter, an 83% increase from the lives added during 3rd quarter 2016.  The UHC enrollment table features Standardized and Modernized policy in-force counts of 4,415,000 as of 9/30/2017, a 170,000 increase in the past 12 months.  The 170,000 lives growth over the last year is a 4.0% increase over the in-force lives at 9/30/2016.

UnitedHealthcare continues to be the clear leader in the Medicare Supplement market, capturing over 30% of total market new sales and in-force policies in 2016.  The 3rd quarter 2017 result reversed a pattern of steadily declining growth over the past 13 quarters and coincided with UHC’s release of new Plan G products in 44 states during 3rd quarter.

UHC Q3 2017 Policies In-Force