For many individuals, Hospital Indemnity insurance can provide comprehensive coverage and minimize out-of-pocket expenses by filling in the gaps in their Medicare Advantage or medical insurance plans.  CSG Actuarial’s tools and services will provide an extensive view of rates and plan benefits spanning the Hospital Indemnity market.  Our Hospital Indemnity Competitive Intelligence Guide includes data on the top industry companies, with expert analysis, financial data, product design, underwriting requirements, and premium rates.  Below is a sample of the type of information available in our Competitive Intelligence Guide.

 Guaranteed Trust Life Insurance CompanyMedico Insurance CompanyBankers Fidelity Life InsuranceContinental Life Insurance (Aetna)
Plan NameAdvantage Plus 6-Day BenefitsHospital Confinement Option 1Up to 10 Day BenefitsProtection Series Flex Daily
Policy Fee$20$0$0$0
Household Discount0%7%5%0%
Benefit Amount$250/day for 6 days$250/day for 6 days$250/day (max of 2 confinements per calendar year)$250/day for 6 days (365 day lifetime max)
Ambulance$200/occurrence$250/3 days per year$200/occurrence (max 2 days per calendar year)$200/occurrence (2 per year)
Cost/Month$26.84$26.63 ($24.76 HHD)$24.84 ($23.59 HHD)$33.41

*Results based on a 65 year old female, non-tobacco, in zip code 60007.

We saw an increase in Hospital Indemnity quotes on our quoting platform, MarketAdvisor, both during and after the Annual Enrollment period.  Our Fill in the Gaps feature in our quoting tools will allow subscribers to quote Medicare Advantage and Hospital Indemnity together.  Provide your client with a comprehensive view of their coverage options by displaying both Medicare Advantage and Hospital Indemnity benefits at the same time.  Learn more by watching our Fill in the Gaps tutorial here.

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