With the recent CVS-Aetna merger announcement, we have compiled the following articles on how this may impact the market and what mergers may be next.

4 major questions about the proposed CVS-Aetna merger | HealthcareDive | December 5, 2017

The largest healthcare M&A transaction of the year — CVS Health’s bid to buy Aetna for $69 billion — is the kind of deal that can upend an industry. At the very least, it will make plenty of waves.

What kind of waves, however, remains to be seen. The deal reflects a number of industry trends that could be amplified as a result. Or some more nascent themes could gain traction as this deal and potential others like it play out.

Regardless, the questions to consider are myriad. Here, we examine a few of the biggest ones.

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With CVS set to buy Aetna, here’s why Humana could be part of the next big insurer deal | FierceHealthcare | December 5, 2017

Now that CVS and Aetna have made their merger agreement official, another major insurer may be in the market for a deal of its own: Humana.

In the health insurance sector—as in other industries—a deal the size of the CVS-Aetna transaction often has the effect of spurring other major players to pursue mergers. They may have little choice, as failing to bulk up themselves could leave companies in the position of losing market share to their soon-to-be-larger and more diversified competitors.

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What Would a CVS/Aetna Merger Mean for Medicare? | Kaiser Family Foundation | December 7, 2017

In Kaiser Family Foundation’s chart of the week, they display how the CVS/Aetna merger would impact the market by illustrating the number of stand-alone drug plan enrollees and the new role CVS would have in Medicare Advantage.  See the chart here.