Integrity Marketing Group announced the launch of its proprietary new Integrity MarketingCENTER. Available exclusively to Integrity Partners, this platform allows them to easily provide marketing materials to agents that work with Integrity affiliated firms.

MarketingCENTER is an on-demand, easy-to-use online portal that provides Integrity Partners access to a shared library of marketing assets and other fully compliant and carrier-approved materials. Items available in MarketingCENTER include product launch assets, agent recruitment materials, best practice guides as well as advertising programs. Designed to support an extensive range of marketing channels, the platform offers materials including social media assets, digital banners, direct mailers, email templates, videos and more. All the materials are available to download anytime from anywhere, and many are customizable, allowing Partners to add contact information, select imagery and choose headlines from approved assets. Integrity will continually add expanded campaigns to MarketingCENTER, and materials will be shared across the entire Integrity platform to help Partners reach more agents or consumers and showcase how best they can serve them.

“Integrity is built to help great companies become even more efficient and effective in meeting the holistic life, health and wealth protection needs of today’s consumers,” shared Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “Our new Integrity MarketingCENTER empowers our Partners to reach more people in more ways than ever before — and it helps ensure that the marketing materials they use are fully compliant and carrier approved. MarketingCENTER is another example of how Integrity is working to innovate industry systems and processes to help more Americans plan for the good days ahead. We’re thrilled to offer it exclusively to our Integrity Partners!”

“As Integrity continues to grow, it’s critical for our Partners to have robust, on-demand marketing solutions that are both flexible and scalable,” explained Anne Wood, Chief Marketing Officer of Integrity. “Also, it’s just as important for those marketing solutions to be housed within a platform that is easy to use and access. MarketingCENTER delivers on both counts. It features a large and constantly growing library of assets — many of which are customizable — that is easily accessible through a simple and intuitive interface. This is game-changing technology that will greatly enhance Integrity’s mission to serve.”

One of the most impactful benefits of the MarketingCENTER platform is the opportunity for Partners to access free marketing materials that have been extensively reviewed and approved to meet current compliance guidelines.

“With the complexity of staying compliant in an ever-changing Medicare landscape, Integrity MarketingCENTER is an incredibly valuable resource,” shared Ryan Kimble, President of Integrity Health. “It provides instant access to a full library of marketing resources that are compelling and compliant, which is a win-win. Being able to provide those materials to agents quickly and efficiently means they have more time to serve their clients — and it eliminates the question of if the materials they are using are approved.”

“Integrity offers its Partners a wide variety of sophisticated systems designed to streamline and enhance business,” explained Tim Ash, Managing Partner of Integrity. “By joining Integrity, we have greatly expanded the technology and resources available to our teams and advisors, and MarketingCENTER is yet another powerful example of that! Staying on top of regulatory changes and requirements is critical. Having access to pre-approved and customizable marketing materials within MarketingCENTER gives every Integrity Partner added peace of mind.”

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