CSG Actuarial’s MarketEdge and MarketAdvisor are the ultimate sales and marketing research tools, allowing you to view Medicare Advantage market share and demographics to better understand the opportunity.  Below is just a sampling of data using November 2020 enrollment files:

Overall Medicare Advantage Market Leaders – November 2020:

RankParent OrganizationEnrollmentMarket Share
1UnitedHealth Group6,535,59626%
2Humana Inc4,583,88218%
3CVS Health Corporation2,674,73610%
4Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc1,723,0117%
5Anthem Inc1,420,586,6%
6Centene Corporation974,0934%
7Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Mutual Ins. Co.592,1282%
9Summit Master Company, LLC265,0731%
10Highmark Health237,8181%
All Other 5.939.96623%

Source: CMS, Monthly_Report_By_Contract_2020_11


Medicare Advantage Penetration by State, Market Leader:

StateMedicare EligiblesMA EnrolledMA PenetrationMA Market Share Leader
Alabama1,064,861494,07946%Humana Inc
Alaska102,0051,3011%CVS Health Corporation
Arizona1,369,709587,40943%UnitedHealth Group
Arkansas647,628196,62530%UnitedHealth Group
California6,448,5832,957,63246%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc.
Colorado945,914416,80544%UnitedHealth Group
Connecticut694,300316,50146%UnitedHealth Group
Delaware216,23041,27419%CVS Health Corporation
Florida4,679,3532,305,83449%Humana Inc
Georgia1,779,810774,73144%UnitedHealth Group
Hawaii282,376135,22248%Hawaii Medical Service Association (BCBS of HI)
Idaho350,065131,68238%Blue Cross of Idaho Health Services Inc
Illinois2,278,853695,46531%UnitedHealth Group
Indiana1,287,041468,42136%UnitedHealth Group
Iowa640,482162,06425%UnitedHealth Group
Kansas548,912118,78322%CVS Health Corporation
Kentucky945,935373,59439%Humana Inc
Louisiana892,863378,85342%Humana Inc
Maine348,903153,30544%Martin's Point Health Care Inc
Maryland1,061,915138,28313%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc
Massachusetts1,358,968370,38327%Tufts Health Plan Inc
Michigan2,110,8431,021,14348%Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Minnesota1,052,409516,49849%Aware Integrated Inc (BCBS of MN)
Mississippi612,833148,76724%Humana Inc
Missouri1,253,264509,21441%UnitedHealth Group
Montana239,12748,72820%Humana Inc
Nebraska355,33173,12221%UnitedHealth Group
Nevada549,974223,14641%UnitedHealth Group
New Hampshire309,20568,66522%UnitedHealth Group
New Jersey1,641,831535,19433%CVS Health Corporation
New Mexico434,954173,35240%UnitedHealth Group
New York3,686,7021,630,51344%UnitedHealth Group
North Carolina2,042,467835,82141%UnitedHealth Group
North Dakota135,06226,97620%Medica Holding Company
Ohio2,388,3681,118,42647%Anthem Inc
Oklahoma755,183193,68626%UnitedHealth Group
Oregon890,226422,42847%UnitedHealth Group
Pennsylvania2,786,5731,251,19345%CVS Health Corporation
Rhode Island225,739109,10248%Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island
South Carolina1,107,000373,27234%UnitedHealth Group
South Dakota180,16541,64423%Medica Holding Company
Tennessee1,387,364596,20743%BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
Texas4,299,8821,859,40643%UnitedHealth Group
Utah416,194169,57041%UnitedHealth Group
Vermont152,16322,23315%UnitedHealth Group
Virginia1,552,641398,25726%Humana Inc
Washington1,406,866518,42437%UnitedHealth Group
Washington D.C.94,87621,32522%UnitedHealth Group
West Virginia443,790172,09639%Humana Inc
Wisconsin1,208,444563,36447%UnitedHealth Group
Wyoming114,7655,0934%UnitedHealth Group

Source:  CMS, MA State/County Penetration; Monthly MA Enrollment by State/County/Contract


Medicare Advantage Penetration & Market Share in the 75 Counties with the Largest Medicare Eligible Population:

RankCounty, StateMedicare EligiblesMA EnrolledMA PenetrationMA Market Share Leader
1Los Angeles, California1,530,266 798,307 52%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc
2Cook, Illinois830,431 276,205 33%Humana Inc
3Maricopa, Arizona722,475 329,387 46%UnitedHealth Group
4Harris, Texas567,208 289,955 51%UnitedHealth Group
5San Diego, California548,782 275,813 50%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc
6Orange, California524,738 276,536 53%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
7Miami-Dade, Florida476,958 343,822 72%UnitedHealth Group
8Riverside, California390,777 232,257 59%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
9Kings, New York378,065 179,084 47%Healthfirst, Inc.
10Clark, Nevada372,079 171,688 46%UnitedHealth Group
11Queens, New York369,175 189,194 51%UnitedHealth Group
12Wayne, Michigan335,735 169,601 51%Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Mutual Ins. Co.
13Broward, Florida333,497 197,511 59%Humana Inc.
14Palm Beach, Florida333,444 140,117 42%Humana Inc.
15Dallas, Texas332,356 142,706 43%UnitedHealth Group
16King, Washington329,007 140,134 43%UnitedHealth Group
17San Bernardino, California309,217 192,012 62%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
18Bexar, Texas302,331 150,070 50%UnitedHealth Group
19Suffolk, New York296,853 66,654 22%CVS Health Corporation
20New York, New York287,234 117,850 41%Healthfirst, Inc.
21Middlesex, Massachusetts278,013 77,360 28%Tufts Health Plan, Inc.
22Santa Clara, California277,095 128,347 46%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
23Tarrant, Texas276,488 136,136 49%UnitedHealth Group
24Nassau, New York274,760 71,081 26%UnitedHealth Group
25Sacramento, California266,395 141,166 53%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
26Allegheny, Pennsylvania265,646 169,621 64%UPMC Health System
27Cuyahoga, Ohio262,268 128,670 49%UnitedHealth Group
28Philadelphia, Pennsylvania260,596 124,582 48%Independence Health Group, Inc.
29Alameda, California251,290 115,185 46%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
30Pinellas, Florida249,547 133,176 53%Humana Inc.
31Oakland, Michigan249,125 107,629 43%Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Mutual Ins. Co.
32Hillsborough, Florida247,449 132,243 53%Humana Inc.
33Pima, Arizona231,076 119,583 52%UnitedHealth Group
34St. Louis, Missouri213,817 96,539 45%UnitedHealth Group
35Bronx, New York211,283 130,199 62%Healthfirst, Inc.
36Hennepin, Minnesota202,689 105,211 52%UCare Minnesota
37Contra Costa, California202,312 101,242 50%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
38Erie, New York202,164 128,360 63%Independent Health Association, Inc.
39Lee, Florida200,155 80,730 40%UnitedHealth Group
40Orange, Florida199,875 104,545 52%Humana Inc.
41Franklin, Ohio190,733 92,176 48%CVS Health Corporation
42Honolulu, Hawaii187,946 94,760 50%UnitedHealth Group
43Macomb, Michigan179,554 82,893 46%Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Mutual Ins. Co.
44Westchester, New York178,619 54,961 31%CVS Health Corporation
45Hartford, Connecticut175,356 92,064 53%UnitedHealth Group
46Bergen, New Jersey173,457 48,215 28%UnitedHealth Group
47Montgomery, Maryland172,095 24,413 14%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
48Montgomery, Pennsylvania171,648 51,050 30%Independence Health Group, Inc.
49Duval, Florida169,075 73,747 44%UnitedHealth Group
50New Haven, Connecticut168,200 80,324 48%UnitedHealth Group
51Fairfax, Virginia162,657 34,065 21%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
52Wake, North Carolina162,513 59,319 37%UnitedHealth Group
53Essex, Massachusetts162,348 43,378 27%UnitedHealth Group
54Polk, Florida162,139 94,066 58%Humana Inc.
55DuPage, Illinois160,831 44,004 27%Humana Inc.
56Monroe, New York160,798 112,856 70%Lifetime Healthcare, Inc.
57Worcester, Massachusetts160,664 59,668 37%Tufts Health Plan, Inc.
58Fairfield, Connecticut160,119 57,052 36%UnitedHealth Group
59Brevard, Florida159,480 69,502 44%Health First, Inc.
60Milwaukee, Wisconsin158,042 86,746 55%UnitedHealth Group
61Baltimore, Maryland157,555 23,732 15%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
62Shelby, Tennessee156,898 56,328 36%CIGNA
63Pierce, Washington155,896 59,870 38%UnitedHealth Group
64Ventura, California155,465 57,012 37%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
65Ocean, New Jersey154,868 49,175 32%CVS Health Corporation
66Jefferson, Kentucky154,134 60,682 39%Humana Inc.
67Volusia, Florida153,320 82,411 54%Humana Inc.
68Marion, Indiana150,311 63,197 42%UnitedHealth Group
69San Francisco, California149,912 64,602 43%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
70Sarasota, Florida149,813 51,514 34%UnitedHealth Group
71Hamilton, Ohio148,703 72,247 49%Humana Inc.
72Fresno, California147,145 53,183 36%Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
73Salt Lake, Utah146,610 69,269 47%UnitedHealth Group
74Mecklenburg, North Carolina144,552 60,309 42%UnitedHealth Group
75Fulton, Georgia141,960 64,149 45%UnitedHealth Group

Source:  CMS, MA State/County Penetration; Monthly MA Enrollment by State/County/Contract