AmeriLife Group, LLC, announced it has partnered with Florida Financial Advisors, a full-service, comprehensive wealth management and financial planning firm and insurance brokerage dedicated to helping middle market Americans grow and secure their wealth and achieve their retirement goals.

“At Florida Financial Advisors, it’s all about our core values: integrity, work ethic, drive, entrepreneurship and servitude,” said Jason and Allyson Mickool, founders and CEO and CFO, respectively, of Florida Financial Advisors. “What drove this partnership with AmeriLife was an alignment with those values. Now, with expanded resources, leadership and expertise, we’re excited to take our firm to new levels of success while taking our unique value proposition for working-class Americans to the national stage.”

Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., with offices in Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami, Florida Financial Advisors employs a unique, holistic advisory model designed to maximize its clients’ investments no matter the economic environment. The firm offers financial products and solutions, including financial planning, wealth management, insurance, and other services designed to achieve the goals of the everyday investor. Alongside its subsidiaries Tristate Financial Advisors and Georgia Financial Advisors, Florida Financial Advisors employs more than 150 licensed financial planners and advisors who go above and beyond to customize the right solutions for their clients, taking a personalized approach to navigate the unique financial circumstances of each.

“When I think of Jason and Allyson Mickool, I think of outstanding people who are leading an outstanding organization,” said Mike Vietri, Chief Distribution Officer of AmeriLife Wealth. “The accomplishments they’ve achieved in such a short period of time — and the team of advisors that supports them and continues to drive the business — are incredible. Jason and Allyson have developed a strong organization of professionals with a culture committed to providing the most professional advice to clients. As AmeriLife continues to grow its Wealth platform, we’re excited to add to our distribution the distinct solutions and services that Florida Financial Advisors brings to the table. I look forward to our many successes together.”

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