In this blog, CSG is summarizing three key aspects that support the Medicare market’s growth opportunities to carriers, marketing organizations and agents.  First, the demographic tailwinds evidenced by the continued growth in enrollments by market leaders.   Second, there continues to be acquisition activity in the Senior market marketing organization space.  CSG provides a listing of transactions announced year-to-date.   Lastly, significant profits are being reported by the large public-company carriers due to lower utilization.  CSG looks at the medical benefit ratios from key carriers as reported in their 2nd Quarter 2020 financials.

Demographic Tailwinds & Enrollment Growth from market leaders

Over 76 million individuals are expected to be enrolled in the Medicare program by 2029. This means that roughly 15 million more individuals will be added to the Medicare program over the next 10 years, a 25% increase.   Source:  CSG Actuarial 10th Annual Medicare Supplement Market Projection.


Graph 1

Strong enrollment growth from the Medicare market leaders:

CSG previously reported Medicare Supplement market leader United Healthcare’s (UHC) strong growth in adding 10,000 Medicare Supplement lives in the Q2 2020.

CVS Health Medicare Supplement Enrollment Increases 41,000 during the Q2 2020.

CVS Health recently reported Q2 2020 results with Medicare Supplement member in-force counts of 954,000, up 73,000 from 4th quarter 2019 and 135,000 over the past 12 months.

CVS Health

Humana Medicare Supplement Enrollment Increases 10,600 in 2nd Quarter 2020

Humana reported 2nd Quarter 2020 Medicare Supplement lives of 324,600, up 26,200 from 4th quarter 2019 and a 48,600 increase over 2nd quarter 2019.

Humana table

Anthem Medicare Supplement Enrollment Increases 7,000 during 2nd Quarter 2020

Anthem, Inc. added 7,000 Medicare Supplement lives in the 2nd quarter and 44,000 Medicare Supplement lives in the past 12 months.

Anthem Table

Acquisitions in the Senior Market FMO/IMO Space

COVID related shutdowns and travel restrictions have not slowed M&A activity with marketing organizations in the Senior space.  CSG has compiled a table summarizing acquisitions year-to-date in 2020 in the Medicare space.  For additional information on each transaction, click on the hyper-link to review the press release for each transaction.

Date AnnouncedTarget CompanyAcquirer
1/7/2020Stephens-Mathews Marketing Inc.Amerilife
1/28/2020Agent Pipeline, Inc.Integrity Marketing Group
2/12/2020J.D.Mellberg FinancialAmerlife
2/25/2020Palmetto Senior Benefits Integrity Marketing Group
3/3/2020Taylor Financial & Insurance Services ("FFL USA")Integrity Marketing Group
3/10/2020LifeSmart Senior Services, Inc.Integrity Marketing Group
3/19/2020Killimett Agency ("FFL Southeast")Integrity Marketing Group
4/1/2020Jack Schroeder & Associates, Inc.Amerilife
4/14/2020The Brokerage Resource, Inc.Integrity Marketing Group
4/19/2020Equis Financial, Inc.Integrity Marketing Group
5/19/2020Pinnacle Financial ServicesAmerilife
6/2/2020Tri-State FinancialIntegrity Marketing Group
6/15/2020Formula Folios, Inc.Amerilife
6/18/2020McNerney Management GroupIntegrity Marketing Group
6/30/2020National Agents Alliance ("The Alliance")Integrity Marketing Group
7/13/2020Benefytt Technologies, Inc. (formerly Health Insurance Innovations)Madison Dearborn Partners
7/14/2020McClain InsuranceIntegrity Marketing Group
7/21/2020New Horizons Insurance MarketingIntegrity Marketing Group
7/29/2020Senior Market Sales, Inc.Alliant
8/4/2020Heartland Retirement GroupIntegrity Marketing Group
8/4/2020Agent ForceIntegrity Marketing Group
8/4/2020Crosspointe Insurance AdvisorsEverQuote
8/13/2020ASB FinancialIntegrity Marketing Group
8/18/2020Southern Insurance GroupIntegrity Marketing Group

CSG previously reported on the successful IPOs of SelectQuote, Inc and GoHealth, Inc that raised a combined $1.3 billion.

Significant reduction in Medical Loss Ratios  

The table below shows the significantly lower medical loss ratios reported by several public company Health Insurance carriers for Q2 2020.    The lower utilization is obviously a result of the pandemic stay-at-home orders.

Public Company Health Carriers 

Medical Benefit Ratio Comparison   
Source: Company 10Q
Three months ended June 30Six months ended June 30
CompanyReportable Segment2020201920202019
CVS HealthHealth Benefit Segment70.3%84.0%76.4%84.0%
United Health GroupUnitedHealthcare70.2%83.1%75.7582.5%
HumanaRetail Segment78.3%85.2%82.4%86.7%
CignaIntegrated Medical Segment70.5%81.6%74.5%80.3%
AnthemConsolidated Operations77.9%86.7%81.1%85.6%
Centene Consolidated Operations 82.1%86.7%84.9%86.2%

Many carriers implemented programs to support their Medicare members during the pandemic such as waiving cost-sharing on primary care and tele-health and COVID-19 related services.   Americas Health Insurance Plans (“AHIP”) maintains a thorough summary of health insurance carrier responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does it mean to you?

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